In the Shadow of Buddha takes us to the seldom seen world of Tibetan Buddhist Nuns in northernmost India. This is a film about beauty, poverty, hope, and faith. About old women and young girls and the worlds they share. A film told through universal stories, set to a shockingly exotic culture and landscape. A film that rings with the truth of the kitchen and the classroom, and the hardships and triumphs of everyday lives.

Through their own voice, without narration, we explore the paradox that being a woman within Tibetan Buddhism represents. For these women the notion that a woman can be educated and that being born a female is not a punishment of past deeds is currently challenging thousands of years of history.

This is not a Buddhist film. This is not the expected film. This is a
film that confronts our platitudes, our narration, and our tender
stereotypes. This is a film about us.

Long Synopsis

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